Ambassador Bolton: Ayatollahs Not Giving Up Quest for Nuclear Weapons

AP Photo/Dennis Cook
AP Photo/Dennis Cook

Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton stated on Saturday that the first job of the President of the United States is to protect the people of this nation.

Bolton contends that it is “becoming increasingly obvious that national security is a dominant issue” in the  upcoming 2016 elections. The U.S. facing more and more national security threats has made the former ambassador open to a presidential run.

The frequent Fox News national security contributor shared his world view on Breitbart News Saturday airing on Sirius XM Patriot radio channel 125 with host and Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alexander Marlow.

Bolton accused the Obama administration of being “desperate” to make a nuclear weapons deal with Iran. “Even if the final deal looks like the deal that we discussed on Thursday in Switzerland, it will be a major triumph for Iran,” he asserted.

Bolton said that Iran will get what it wants, which is relief from international sanctions, without giving up much and for what they do concede will be “temporary, minor, easily reversible concessions on their nuclear weapons program.”

The sixty-six-year-old Yale Law School graduate explained that the U.S/Iranian Nuclear agreement crafted by Kerry and Obama will allow Iran to enrich uranium to any level. This helps them meet their goal,  which is to have enough uranium, ultimately enriched to weapons grade levels, to make bombs.

The details of  the deal, which are still being negotiated, will let Iran “keep all of their enrichment capabilities and allow them to continue to do research and development on more sophisticated enrichment techniques,” Bolton pointed out. “They are not restricted at all in their weaponization activities. They are not restricted at all in their ballistic missile programs.”

Moreover, Obama’s objective is to divert attention from these enormous concessions and focus on non-significant technical details. Obama likes to bring up that there will be U.N. inspectors looking on, reassuring the world that Iran is compliant.

But,  Bolton points out, “UN Inspectors have never found anything on their own other than what we’ve given them or others have given them in the form of intelligence. If we have learned anything in the past fifteen years, it is to be a little bit humble, even about our own intelligence capabilities.”

The ambassador said Obama and Kerry argue that they have put sufficient protections in place that Iran will be unable to achieve nuclear capabilities in less than a year, giving us plenty of time to react if they violate their agreements. Bolton said that their premise “rests on the assumption that we already know everything that Iran is already doing, which is a false assumption. It rests on the further assumption that we will be able to detect everything they do over the next ten years, which is also false.”

From Iran’s point of view, the ambassador stated, they simply have had “some impediments put in their way. But nothing that they haven’t been able to hide from the IAEA in the past. They have been lying about their nuclear weapons program for twenty five years.” Bolton believes that the pattern of lying will continue and that “The Ayatollahs are not going to give up their quest for nuclear weapons. It has more to do with dominance in the region, the long standing struggle within Islam, and to make themselves a power on the world stage.”

Marlow asked ambassador Bolton if he agreed with the Wall Street Journal that Obama wants to make a deal with Iran at any cost. He responded that he did, because Obama sees Israel and the USA as part of the problem. Bolton explained that Obama believes that if he could convince the Ayatollahs that “America and the West have no hostile intention toward the regime,” Iran would stop their pursuit of nuclear weapons.

“This the same view and strategy of appeasement that has motivated Western negotiators in too many crisis situations in years and decades gone by. It hasn’t worked before, and it’s not gonna work here,” the American Enterprise Institute scholar asserted.

Breitbart’s EIC followed up by asking Ambassador Bolton, “What is Iran’s record in keeping their accords?”

Bolton replied, “Iran has violated every agreement they have made, tracked back to thirty-five years ago, when they agreed to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty, when they said they would not seek to become a nuclear weapon state. Their track record is one of complicity. They have lied to the IAEA, they have concealed facilities from the IAEA like the famous Fordow facility. It makes you wonder what other facilities exist that we haven’t found yet.”


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