ISIS Kidnaps 120 Children, Ships Them to ‘Cub Camp’ for Indoctrination

isis Reuters

The latest perfidy of the Islamic State was the abduction of some 120 children, aged 12-15, from schools in the Iraqi city of Mosul. According to a report at the Times of Israelthe children were marched out of classrooms, loaded into military vehicles, and taken to an unknown location to be trained as fighters for the terror state — a training that culminates in a beheading.

“The children of wealthy families are said to be ransomed back to their families for significant sums that can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars,” the report adds.

“In Isis-controlled areas, the militant group has special training schools for children where they are ‘brainwashed’ and desensitized,” explains International Business Times.  “In these Islamic boot camps, referred to as ‘Cubs of Islamic State’ or ‘Cubs of al-Baghdadi,’ children are given weapons training and taught how to be a suicide bomber. And to graduate from the school, the Cubs of al-Baghdadi have to behead someone.”

If the expected campaign to recapture Mosul from ISIS takes place over the summer, some of these children will probably “graduate” from cub camp at an accelerated pace, and find themselves serving as meat shields on the front lines.

ISIS is big on forced military service and slavery, especially for infidels. On Monday, CNN published an interview with a Yazidi family that escaped Islamic State captivity. They were stripped of their valuables after their town of Sinjar was captured, loaded into trucks, transferred through a series of improvised prisons that brought them to Mosul at one point, and ultimately assigned to forced labor as goatherds — preferable to the sexual slavery Yazidi girls as young as eight have been sold into by the Islamic State. (Evidently the mother in this particular family was spared from such horrific violations because she was breastfeeding her youngest child.)