Palestinian Authority Refuses To Condemn West Bank Terror Attacks


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu let his displeasure with the Palestinian Authority leadership be heard Tuesday, slamming Ramallah for refusing to condemn two separate terror attacks carried out by Palestinians against Israelis on Monday.

Before meeting with Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni, Netanyahu praised his security services for thwarting the 200+ terror attacks Israel has faced in the past year, the Jerusalem Post reports.

“The attempts to harm us have not stopped for a moment,” said the Israeli Prime Minister, who thanked Israel’s police and military forces for their counterterrorism efforts.

“The fact that the Palestinian Authority has still not condemned these terror attacks should disturb not only us, but the entire international community,” Netanyahu added.

He pledged Israel would continue its “quest for a durable genuine peace with our Palestinian neighbor,” but that it “cannot exist with the support for terrorist attacks, or the refusal to condemn the terrorist attacks that plague Israel day in and day out.

“We expect different behavior from our Palestinian neighbors and this is something that is in the interest of all those who seek peace,” Netanyahu concluded.

Two separate jihadist attacks were carried out by Palestinian terrorists against Israelis on Monday.

In the first attack, a 20-year-old female Israeli soldier was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist at a border checkpoint.

The second terror attack, carried out by a Palestinian gunman, injured four Israelis, including one man, Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, who later died from his wounds, the Jerusalem Post reports. Another victim is said to be in stable condition after 12 hours of extensive surgery, Hadassah Medical Center said in a statement.

Monday’s incidents mark six separate Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis in the last ten days.

Many have alleged that Palestinian leadership continues to incite aspiring jihadis to carry out attacks against Israeli Jews. In fact, the Palestinian Authority issues monthly payouts to Palestinian terrorists and their families, with bonuses given according to how many Israeli Jews they have killed, according to reports.


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