Oops: Trainee Signals ‘Active Shooter’ at Camp Pendleton by Mistake

The Associated Press

On September 21, a trainee working in an emergency response center that oversees a group of military bases–including Camp Pendleton–accidentally signaled an “active shooter” alert.

The tweet said: “There is an active shooter at #Marine base Camp Pendleton. My brother is stationed there; got notification it is ‘not an exercise'”

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Camp Pendleton officials took to Facebook within minutes of the active shooter tweet to explain the alert was false, writing, “FALSE ALARM – ACTIVE SHOOTER NOTIFICATION!! The active shooter notification that Camp Pendleton personnel received via their government computer system is a FALSE ALARM.”

Russell Woody is director of the Operations and Plans Division at Camp Pendleton, which ” acts as the emergency response center for Camp Pendleton and a handful of other bases in the southwestern U.S., and helps coordinate responses when emergencies like active shooter situations arise.” The division “is staffed with government employees and contractors.”

Woody said the active shooter alert was sent by a trainee “working…in the division’s notification alert system.”

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