‘Anonymous’ Hackers Plan to Sell ISIS-Branded Lingerie


The hacker collective “Anonymous,” which has waged a long online battle against hackers loyal to the Islamic State (ISIS), is apparently planning to annoy the terror state by selling lingerie branded with the black ISIS flag.

Anonymous tweeted:

This seems like a product line with a lot of room for future growth if it takes off. A stroll through the Victoria’s Secret and Spencer Gifts shops at the local mall suggests a number of products that could be used to insult the Islamic State.

The UK Daily Mirror notes that Anonymous has targeted the Islamic State with an operation, discussed on social media under the hashtag #OpISIS, to interfere with the terrorists’ huge online following. Presumably, a number of those ISIS Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and Instagram accounts are going to begin sprouting pictures of thong underwear emblazoned with the black-flag logo.

This might seem like small potatoes compared to the ISIS strategy of annoying people by chopping their heads off and setting them on fire, but angry people make mistakes, and small mistakes can open big vulnerabilities in hacker warfare. Maybe this sort of taunting will goad online operatives of the Islamic State into making such mistakes.