Palestinian Authority Orders Christmas Celebration Crackdown

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The Palestinian Authority (PA), ruled by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has ordered localities under its control to clamp down on Christians celebrating Christmas in public this year.

Hana Amireh, a member of the Islamic Supremacist body, confirmed with Religion News Service that the PA is demanding a “certain decrease” in Christmas celebrations.

The news comes as Palestinians continue their months-long terror campaign against innocent Israeli Jews, which some have called the “knife Intifada,” due to the central object being utilized as the Muslim radicals’ weapon of choice. The ongoing terror spree has been encouraged by both leaders of Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules the Gaza Strip, and the PA.

“Each drop of blood that was spilled in Jerusalem is pure blood as long as it’s for the sake of Allah. Every martyr will be in heaven and every wounded person will be rewarded by Allah’s will,” PA President Abbas said in September.

Palestinian Christians, who now account for less than 2 per cent of the population in the West Bank and Israel, largely due to the totalitarian nature of the Islamic entities, are displeased with the continuing crackdown on Christianity.

Even in the town of Bethlehem, where according to biblical scripture Jesus was born, the Palestinian rulers have demanded that Christians not decorate their houses and streets with Christmas-themed lighting.

Though Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah will continue the annual tradition of lighting the Christmas tree in Manger Square, the Islamic body has continued to move away from allowing for an openly celebrated holiday.

“I’m truly disappointed,” Ekram Juha, a “Christian and a believer” who works at the Bethlehem mayoral office, told Religion News Service. “This is the place where Jesus was born and if you limit Christmas celebrations here you are limiting something spiritual and holy. I can understand limiting celebrations elsewhere, but not here in Bethlehem.”

Though Christians in the West Bank tend to make a successful livelihood for themselves despite being treated as second-class citizens, they continue to face deteriorating conditions under Muslim rule.

In September, the Mar Charbel monastery in Bethlehem was burned down in an arson attack. Church representatives blamed Islamic radicals for the act, which destroyed much of the building.


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