Revealed: Israeli Athlete Was Castrated By PLO Terrorists As Germany ‘Covered Up’ 1972 Munich Massacre


More details have come to light about a 1972 Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)-sanctioned operation in Munich that saw 11 Israeli Olympians tortured and then slaughtered by Muslim operatives.

Germany, less than a few decades removed from the Holocaust, engaged in a massive cover-up in hopes that news of the kidnapping, torture, and assassination never saw the light of the day, a new movie alleges, charging that Germany still has refused to release the gruesome details of what transpired during that 20-hour time period.

The upcoming documentary, Munich 1972 & Beyond, features the widows of two members of the 1972 Israeli olympic team.

Ilana Romano, the wife of olympic weightlifter Yossef, and Ankie Spitzer, widow of Andrei Spitzer, have had enough of the German police quashing what they say happened that day.

Described in pro-Palestine, pro-Jihad media as a “kidnapping gone wrong,” Romano and Spitzer say that narrative is a complete lie, and that the Palestinian radicals were out for blood from the beginning.

“What they did is that they cut off his genitals through his underwear and abused him,” Romano said, describing how her deceased husband was tortured by his Muslim kidnappers. “Can you imagine the nine others sitting around tied up? They watched this,” she added.

The Israeli olympians had fought to defend their country in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, in which Muslim countries throughout the region attempted to exterminate the Jewish state, but suffered a humiliating, expedited defeat.

The  PLO, chaired by Yasser Arafat, directed its terrorists to take vengeance on the Jewish olympians in Munich.

“The terrorists always claimed that they didn’t come to murder anyone – they only wanted to free their friends from prison in Israel,” Spitzer told the New York Times. “They said it was only because of the botched-up rescue operation at the airport that they killed the rest of the hostages, but it’s not true. They came to hurt people. They came to kill.”

It wasn’t until a German official leaked the police reports and official documents to Spitzer that she was able to secure the truth of what happened that day, she says.

The victims families later sued the German government for covering up the evidence, but the case was dismissed due to statute-of-limitations regulations, the report said.

“The moment I saw the photos, it was very painful,” Romano told the Times. “I remembered until that day Yossef as a young man with a big smile. I remembered his dimples until that moment.”


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