Breitbart’s Gorka on Fox: Obama Admin in ‘Fantasy Land’ on National Security


Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a Breitbart News contributor and Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University, appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss the Obama administration’s strategy against the Islamic State terror group.

Host Tucker Carlson asked Gorka if he thought the problem with the White House’s messaging is that they have not “talked enough,” as the administration has implied, or if there was a “deeper problem.”

“I don’t think this is a question of bad communication. I think most Americans… know we don’t have a plan. They don’t live in a bubble… and they’re very aware of the fact that the administration has a plan to protect the president from criticism, but doesn’t have a plan to protect Americans from ISIS,” Gorka responded.

“Just look at the last three years. First we have this Red Line that could not be crossed by [Syrian dictator Bashar] Assad. Nothing happened. Then we had to train Syrian fighters. What happened there? We cancelled it after half-a-billion dollars were spent on this. We have our desperate attempt by the administration to support the Shia extremists with a nuclear deal,” he added.

“And I’m in the region right now,” Gorka said from Tel Aviv, Israel. “When you talk to our partners, when you talk to our allies amongst the Sunnis. When you talk to the Israeli national security professionals. They are clear. America doesn’t have a plan, and the administration is throwing gasoline on the fire of global jihad.”

The Fox News host discussed how Israel built a security fence to keep terrorists out, but when America discusses these issues, it becomes “immoral” to suggest a defensive measure, in the eyes of the elites.

“It’s a disconnect,” Gorka explained. “The administration in the White House lives in this unreal fantasy land where [there are] 26-year-old White House national security advisors who have never had any experience in national security. Or a deputy national security advisor who has an MA in fictional writing and fine arts,” he said of Obama staffer Ben Rhodes, “thinks they know how the world works better than 4-star generals or national security experts.”

“Its an Alice in Wonderland administration that has no idea what the threat to America is, and Americans are wise to that,” Gorka said.

Carlson then asked Gorka about the popular liberal notion that closing Guantánamo Bay detention camp would increase America’s national security posture.

“No. Do you know what a major recruiting tool for ISIS and all global jihadists is?” he asked. “The fact that America exists. Democracy, Liberty, the principles of the founding fathers. That’s a recruiting tool because they hate us,” Gorka said of their ideology.

Watch the segment below:


Gorka also appeared on the Varney & Co. show on Fox Business Tuesday, where he talked about the recent tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

“The situation is very serious,” Gorka commented.

“These nations have been active on the ground for years,” he said of the proxy battles between the two Islamic nations. “The proxy war has been raging for years.”


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