ADL Calls Trump Plan to Ban Anti-Semites ‘Anti-Semitic’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The total transformation of the once hallowed Anti-Defamation League may now be complete. Established more than 100 years ago to fight Jew hatred at home and abroad, has the ADL now done a 180?  Has its core mission changed from fighting anti-semitism to defending it?  That’s the question clearly raised by the ADL’s instant condemnation of Donald Trump’s call Monday to ban anti-semites from entering the United States.

Not surprisingly, the ADL was no outlier. Another legendary Jewish group, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, almost just as quickly did precisely the same thing. Ironic isn’t it? Groups that routinely accuse the GOP Presidential nominee of fostering anti-Semitism are the very first to condemn him for trying to keep Jew haters from entering the United States, either as refugees or immigrants.

Liberal Jewish Congressman Ted Deutsch (D-FL) responded to the proposal by claiming Jews were ‘repelled’ by Trump’s suggestion and accusing him of inflaming anti-semitism.

Making matters worse; today’s Jew hatred is deadlier than ever. Both the pervasiveness and shocking virulence of anti-Semitism in the Muslim and Arab world is so pronounced that the drafters of the Pew 2011 Global Attitudes Survey tried to bury their own findings; at least 96% of respondents in every Muslim majority nation surveyed expressed either “unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” attitudes toward Jews.

Is this our generation’s way or proving ourselves more virtuous than the one we were raised to condemn for abetting the Holocaust? Championing the ingathering of peoples from lands redolent with open support for the destruction of the State of Israel and the annihilation of every Jew in it? That’s our answer? The best way to reduce anti-Semitism in the United States is to import, as Hillary Clinton proposes, more than half a million almost certain anti-semites to live in the United States?

Today’s Jew haters know from experience that the road to legitimizing their anti-Semitism lies not in taming their Jew hatred, but in increasing it. The more blatantly anti-Semitic bile these groups spew, especially about Israel, the more ‘outreach’ the debilitated mainstream Jewish world will seek to conduct. To them, it is only the overt criticism of left wing and Muslim Jew hatred that can be openly condemned.

Left wing anti-Israel Jewish groups like J-Street and the the New Israel Fund oppose sanctions against terror states like Iran but support them against Israel. They oppose boycotts against all countries except Israel, while supporting all the anti-Israel resolutions at the UN. They accuse pro-Israel politicians like Ted Cruz and Mike Pence of being anti-Semites because they support and defend a strong Israel and Jewish religious liberty rights at home.

Sadly, for most American Jews, liberalism is much more than an element of Judaism, it is their Judaism, and hence their religion. “Jews,” quipped Norman Podhoretz, founder of Commentary Magazine and author of the 2009 Book Why are Jews Liberals, “Insofar as they know anything about the Hebrew prophets, think they are high dollar fundraisers for the Democratic party.”

Despite it all, most American Jews still believe the absurd proposition that liberalism and the Democrat party are the very extensions of Judaism itself. If that was true, Orthodox Jews, being the most knowledgeable about Judaism, would be the most liberal, which of course, they are not. They are the most conservative.

Time and again on issue after issue, whenever the values of Judaism conflict with the more important values of liberalism, it’s always the Jewish values that need to make way. In this case, the Jewish value of fighting anti-Semitism must give way to the value of labelling as ‘anti-semitic’ everything Donald Trump proposes. Get it?

To too many liberal Jews, the very purpose of Judaism is now wholly subordinate to the cause of liberalism. Judaism’s purpose is no longer to stand alone, but rather to provide support to what ever the liberal ethos of the day happens to be — even if it means bringing more antisemites to our shores.

Anymore it seems, the only way to be a good liberal Jew requires sacrificing clearly identifiable Jewish self interest — all to prove continued support for the gauzy cause of an ever changing “greater good”.

As American Jews move farther to the left, they grow not only less attached to Israel but increasingly hostile to it. Things have become so Orwellian inside the mainstream liberal Jewish world that the way only way to prove you are pro-Israel is to become anti-Israel. The debilitating impact this is having inside the older, more established institutions of the American Jewish community is profound. As the well-funded, anti-Israel Jewish left grows in size and scope, the older establishment institutions are either marginalized or simply taken over altogether.

By far the largest and most important of all communal Jewish organizations, the United Jewish Appeal, recently elected to lead its New York affiliate Aliza Doctoroff, an open supporter of the notorious New Israel Fund, which is a major sponsor of the anti-Semitic BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanctions) movement that seeks the destruction of the Jewish state through demonization, delegitimization and economic strangulation.

That the ADL and other Jewish groups should accuse Donald Trump of anti-semitism for suggesting we try and prevent more antisemites from coming to this country must have George Orwell spinning in his grave at record speed.


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