Ramadan Rage: Jihadis Kill 290, Injure 280 in First Two Weeks of Holy Month 

The Afghan Taliban have announced the start of their 'spring offensive', even as the government in Kabul tries to bring the insurgents back to the negotiating table

Jihadis, primarily Afghan Taliban terrorists, have carried out nearly 100 attacks in 16 countries since the beginning of Ramadan at the end of last month. In the process they have killed at least 290 people while injuring 280 others in the first two weeks of the holiest month for Muslims, a Breitbart News count shows.

That means, on average, Islamic terrorists have executed about 21 people and maimed an estimated 20 others since Ramadan began at sunset on April 23. This year, Muslims expect the holy month to last through sundown on May 23.

Breitbart News’ count begins on the first full day of Ramadan on April 24. This report covers the two weeks of April 24 through May 7.

In total, there were at least 570 casualties, including fatalities and injuries, during the first half of Ramadan.

This year, the casualties during the first two weeks of the holy month are lower than during the same period in 2019, when jihadis killed 364 people and wounded 404 others. While the number of fatalities dropped by slightly over 20 percent from 2019 to this year, the injuries experienced a larger decrease of more than 30 percent.

Overall, the total number of casualties during the first half of Ramadan dropped by over 25 percent, from 768 last year to 570 in 2020.

The carnage, however, has continued even as governments across the world continue to combat the ongoing Chinese coronavirus pandemic with mitigation efforts like social distancing and the closing of “non-essential” businesses.

Afghan Taliban narco-jihadis, responsible for the most significant number of attacks so far, rejected a U.S.-backed Ramadan ceasefire again offered by Kabul this year.

At the end of February, the U.S. and the Taliban terrorists signed an agreement calling for the conditions-based withdrawal of American and foreign military force. Still, the narco-jihadi group has continued to step up its attacks since.

So far, during Ramadan 2020, the Taliban is responsible for 48, or 50 percent, of the 99 attacks. The terrorist group is responsible for about 60 percent (169) of all deaths and over 65 percent (183) of all injuries.

The Taliban attacks have rendered Afghanistan the deadliest Muslim-majority country during the first half of Ramadan this year, followed by Iraq (37 dead, 24 injured) and Syria (28 dead, 25 injured), respectively.

Despite the fall of its so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria in March 2019, the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and its affiliates outside the Middle East remain a problem. The group has intensified attacks in Iraq in recent weeks, reportedly exploiting the coronavirus lockdown in the country.

ISIS jihadis represent the second-deadliest group during the holiest month for Muslims so far this year. The terrorist group carried out at least 22 attacks during the first half of the holy month that killed 75 people and wounded 38.

Other groups, including al-Qaeda and its affiliates as well as the Iran-allied Shiite Houthis in Yemen, are also carrying out attacks, although to a much lesser extent.

Nearly all the victims of the Ramadan attacks are Muslim. Islamic terrorist groups are known to urge their members and supporters to engage in jihad on Ramadan, believing that martyrs will get extra rewards in paradise.

Despite these attempts, violence is entirely dissonant with Ramadan for the vast majority of the world’s Muslims.

Most Islam adherents follow the tradition of abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking, having sex, and other physical needs each day, starting from before the break of dawn until sunset during the month of Ramadan.

A minority of Muslims, however, adhere to the belief that perceives Ramadan as a month of jihad and martyrdom.

Breitbart News primarily gleans its tally from the Religion of Peace website and the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED) in coordination with news and government reports.

This report only includes incidents that Breitbart News has corroborated using media and government reports as well as online entities that monitor jihadi activity.

The overall number of attacks and the associated casualties could be larger given that Breitbart News is not able to confirm all incidents. Moreover, not all incidents are documented online.

For the most part, the tally excludes casualties suffered by jihadis. Some of the documented incidents in Syria may inadvertently include deaths and injuries sustained by rebel groups with terrorist ties.

Given that news outlets and governments fail to report many of the terrorist attacks in real-time, the casualty total is subject to change. The sources may update some of the casualty figures as some of the wounded victims succumb to their injuries.

All the terrorist attacks so far during Ramadan 2020, as documented by Breitbart News, include:

April 24 — Badghis, Afghanistan — Taliban kills 13 local policemen and takes eight other prisoners in the village of Laman in Qala-e-Naw City.

April 24 — Ghor, Afghanistan — Taliban kills one civilian in the village of Teghah-e-Timor in Firoz Koh.

April 24 — Diyala, Iraq — Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) kills at least two members of the pro-government Sunni militia forces Al-Hashd Al- Shayari.

April 24 — Borno, Nigeria — Suspected Boko Haram jihadists kill five, including three policemen, and wound “several others” in the state capital of Maiduguri.

April 24 — Faryab/Ghazni, Afghanistan — Taliban kills three civilians in northern Faryab province, one other in eastern Ghazni, wounds a total of 25 others, including women and children.

April 24 — Deir Ezzor, Syria — ISIS kills official in charge of fuel and his nephew in Kurdish-controlled northeastern Syria.

April 25 — Badghis, Afghanistan — Taliban mortar kills a woman, wounds a child in the village of Kamengi Oliya in Qadis District.

April 25 — Jowzjan, Afghanistan — Taliban kills two pro-government militia members and wounds four others in the Hyderabad village of Faizabad District.

April 25 — Faryab, Afghanistan — Taliban kills a 70-year-old man in the village of Sufi Qala located in the Qaisar district.

April 25 — Faryab, Afghanistan — Taliban improvised explosive device, or IED, kills a child and injures an adult civilian in Almar district.

April 25 — Faryab, Afghanistan — Taliban kills one and wounds ten civilians, including women and children, in Kohi village of Qaisar district.

April 25 — Uruzgan, Afghanistan — Taliban kills four policemen and wounds three others.

April 25 — Dhalea, Yemen — Iran-backed Houthi rebels kill five pro-government forces, wound 11 others in the al-Husha district.

April 25 — North Waziristan, Pakistan — Unknown jihadis kill two soldiers who reportedly “embraced martyrdom,” wound five in Khaisura and Dossali

April 25 — Logar, Afghanistan — Taliban kills 7 members of the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF), and kidnaps four others in Barak-e-Barak district. The ANDSF includes police and army units.

April 26 — Parwan, Afghanistan — Taliban kills police officer in the Matak area of Charikar District.

April 26 — Herat, Afghanistan — Taliban kills two police officers, wounds another in the village of Qasr-e-Naser in Pashtun-Zarghun District.

April 26 — Faryab, Afghanistan — Taliban kills one soldier and is linked to killing one civilian and wounding three others in Shirin Tagab district.

April 26 — Logar, Afghanistan — Taliban kills five police officers and takes four other prisoners in Baraki Barak district.

April 26 — Uruzgan, Afghanistan — Taliban kills three police officers, wounds two in the Nachin area of Tarin Kot.

April 26 — Mogadishu, Somalia — Al-Qaeda-affiliate al-Shabaab kills four and wounds three in the Halane base that houses American and European troops.

April 26 — Takhar, Afghanistan — Taliban kills seven, wounds three government-backed militiamen in Khwaja Bahauddin district.

April 26 — North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) — Fighters from the ISIS-linked Armed Democratic Force (ADF) kill six, including one woman, in the town of Malambo.

April 26 — Al Anbar, Iraq — ISIS kills Walid district councilman, kidnaps his son, wounds two other family members.

April 26 — Mogadishu, Somalia — Al-Shabaab assassinates a businessman.

April 27 — Diyala, Iraq — ISIS wound two policemen.

April 27 — Jowzjan, Afghanistan — Taliban kills two soldiers, wounds three in Mingajik District.

April 27 — Takhar, Afghanistan — Taliban Red Unit kills four pro-government militia members, wounds two others in Laala Gozar village of Yangi Qala District.

April 27 — Badghis, Afghanistan — Taliban marksman kills two police officers and wounds another as they were bringing water from a well in the village of Mirza-Ali in Qadis District.

April 27 — Kunduz, Afghanistan — Taliban kills two soldiers, wounds another in Seh Chinara area of Chardara District.

April 27 — Kunduz, Afghanistan — Taliban kills one police officer, wounds another in the Aqi Bai village of Imam Sahib District.

April 27 — Herat, Afghanistan — Taliban jihadis on motorcycle kill one member of the primary intelligence agency in Afghanistan, the National Security Directorate (NDS) in Golran District.

April 27 — Paktia, Afghanistan — Taliban kills four police officers in Gardez City.

April 27 — Faryab, Afghanistan — Taliban abducts and kills three civilians in Maimana City.

April 27 — Colombes, France — ISIS-linked man rammed his car into two police motorcyclists, seriously injuring them.

April 27 — Ghor, Afghanistan — Unknown terrorist group places Improvised Explosive Device (IED) that kills on ANDSF member in the village of Maidanak, in the Barrah-Khanah area of the provincial capital Firoz Koh.

April 28 — Herat, Afghanistan — Taliban kills one soldier, wounds another in the village of Noorzayeha in Koshk-e-Kohneh District.

April 28 — Kirkuk, Iraq — ISIS suicide attack wounds three security forces.

April 29 — Central District, Israel — Palestinian teen stabs 62-year-old Israeli woman in the town of Kfar Saba in what authorities described as a terror attack.

April 29 — South Cotabato, Philippines — Jihadis from the ISIS-linked Ansar Al-Khilafah kill two police officers in an outskirt village in Polomolok.

April 29 — Kabul, Afghanistan —Taliban kills three civilians and wounds 15 others in the Reshkhor area of Char Asyab district.

April 29 — Kunduz, Afghanistan — Taliban kills three soldiers, wounds another, and kidnaps an additional soldier in the Zakhil-e-Qadim area of Kunduz city.

April 29 — Logar, Afghanistan — Taliban kills two soldiers, wounds another in Kharwar District.

April 29 — Badghis, Afghanistan — Taliban kills one pro-government militiaman, wounds another in the village of Kharistan in Moqor District.

April 29 — Faryab, Afghanistan — Taliban kills two police officers in the Hadbakhshi area of Khan Charbagh District.

April 29 — Faryab, Afghanistan — Taliban kills one soldier, one civilian woman, wounds 15 civilians, one soldier in Shirin Tagab district.

April 29 — Herat, Afghanistan — Taliban kills two soldiers in the village of Khawja-Jir in Koshk-e-Robatsangi District.

April 29 — Herat, Afghanistan — Taliban kills two soldiers in the village of Chah-Rig in Ghoryan District.

April 29 — Samangan, Afghanistan — Taliban kills nine pro-government militiamen and wounds nine others.

April 29 — Kunduz, Afghanistan — Taliban kills four police officers and wounds three others in the Aqi Bai and Naw Abad villages of Imam Sahib District.

April 29 — Badakhshan, Afghanistan — Taliban kills three police officers, one pro-government militiaman, two members of territorial army, and wounds eight others.

April 30 — Ghazni, Afghanistan — Taliban roadside bomb kills two men, two women, one child in the Nazar Khan area of Andar District.

April 30 — Kunduz, Afghanistan — Taliban Red Unit kills three police officers, wounds seven on the highway connecting Khan Abad District to Kunduz City.

April 30 — Takhar, Afghanistan — Taliban Red Unit kills five pro-government militiamen, wounds five others in the Laala Gozar village of Yangi Qala District.

April 30 — Sinai, Egypt — An ISIS improvised explosive device (IED) kills up to ten soldiers near the southern city of Bir al-Abd.

April 30 — Diyala, Iraq — ISIS snipers wound two policemen.

April 30 — Dhaka, BangladeshTerror-linked Islamist Jamaat-e-Islami affiliated with killing a child and wounding 11.

April 30 — Helmand, Afghanistan — Taliban IED kills the head of the intelligence office of Nawa district and his bodyguard.

April 30 — Deir Ezzor, Syria — ISIS IED strikes a bus carrying Syrian soldiers, killing six of them.

April 30 — Aleppo, Syria — Al-Qaeda-linked Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) kills a civilian, injures five others.

April 30 — Idlib, Syria — HTS kills a Kurdish civilian.

April 30 — Aleppo, Syria — Turkish-backed Islamists from Ahrar Al-Sharqiyyah brutally injure a man with special needs in a market in rural Afrin, for “eating in public” and not “observing Ramadan.”

April 30 — Pattani, Thailand — Islamists from the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN) injure a police officer in a shootout.

April 30 — Deir Ezzor, Syria — ISIS injures three Kurdish-led SDF soldiers near the gas plant in Jadidat Akidat town.

May 1 — Aleppo, Syria — Turkish-backed Ahrar Al-Sharqiyyah jihadis kill a Turkish-backed military police officer, injure three others in the city of Jarabulus.

May 1 — Logar, Afghanistan — Taliban kills three soldiers, wounds two others in Baraki Barak district.

May 1 — Balkh, Afghanistan — Taliban attacks police headquarters and district governor’s office in Zari District, killing one civilian, nine soldiers, five pro-Kabul militia members, wounds 20 other ANDSF members.

May 1 — Deir Ezzor, Syria — ISIS injures five members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Daman village.

May 1 — Deir Ezzor, Syria — IED goes off in an area with heavy ISIS presence, killing two children and injuring three others.

May 2 — Laghman, AfghanistanSuspected Taliban narco-jihadis detonate motorcycle laden with explosives in from the of the prison in the provincial capital of Mataram, killing three civilians and wounding four security forces, including prison head.

May 2 — Paktia, Afghanistan — Taliban kills two pro-Kabul militiamen, wound three others in Anzargi Kandaw area of Patan District.

May 2 — Kandahar, Afghanistan — Unknown terrorists detonate a bomb while police officers were shopping in the provincial capital of Kandahar City, killing one and wounding another. Kandahar is the birthplace of the Taliban.

May 2 — Raqqa, Syria — Turkish-backed Islamists from Ahrar Al-Sharqiyyah brutally injure a civilian in the Turaybikh village of Ain Issa for “smoking cigarettes during the daytime of Ramadan.”

May 2 — Salahaddin, Iraq — ISIS killing at least 10 members, wounding two others of the Iran-linked Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) who helped decimate the Sunni terrorist group’s so-called caliphate.

May 2 — Diyala, Iraq — ISIS kills three federal police officers, wounds two others in at the Zaghniya station.

May 2 — Pulwama, Indian Kashmir — Unknown terrorists throw grenade at security forces, injuring one.

May 2 — Kupwara, Indian Kashmir — Pakistan-linked terrorist group Lashkar-e Tayyiba (LeT) affiliated with a terrorist attack that kills five Indian forces in the town of Handwara.

May 2 — South Waziristan, Pakistan — Suspected Islamist militants kill prominent ethnic Pashtun rights activist.

May 2 — Narathiwat, Thailand — Suspected BRN Islamists kill two civilians.

May 3 — Diffa, NigerISIS-West Africa kills at least one, wounds others.

May 3 — Pattani, Thailand — Suspected Islamist BRN militants kill two soldiers.

May 3 — Kupwara, Indian Kashmir — LeT suspected in a blast that injures eight civilians, including children in the town of Handwara.

May 3 — Herat, Afghanistan — Unknown terrorists kill two members of top intel agency NDS near the governor’s office in Ghoryan District.

May 3 — Diyala, Iraq — ISIS kills seven PMF members, injures five.

May 3 — Diyala, Iraq — ISIS kills three, wounds four other members of the Iraqi military, tribal fighters.

May 4 — Helmand, Afghanistan — Taliban terrorists target military base in the Yakhchal area of Grishk district with an explosives-laden vehicle, killing 10 pro-Kabul militia members, one soldier, and wounding 10 other militiamen, three soldiers.

May 4 — Idlib, Syria — HTS launches grenade, then opens fire on civilians in Idlib city’s Al-Jamia’a neighborhood, killing two and injuring others.

May 4 — Idlib, Syria — Indiscriminate gunshot leaves baby girl killing in a refugee camp on the outskirts of Kelli town, home to clashes between HTS and Syrian rebels.

May 4 — Diyala, Iraq — ISIS kills one soldier, wounds four others in the town of Bahriz.

May 4 — Laghman, Afghanistan — Taliban kills one civilian in Alisheng district.

May 5 — Helmand, Afghanistan — Taliban jihadis kill two police officers with IED, kill another after the explosion.

May 5 — Abyan, Yemen — Suspected al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) jihadis kill a civilian and soldier.

May 5 — Aleppo, Syria — Unknown terrorists detonate an IED near the Fatemah Al-Zahraa Mosque in Al-Bab city, killing a young man.

May 5 — Diyala, Iraq — ISIS injures at least one soldier in Bohrouz subdistrict of Daquq, injures four.

May 5 — Kirkuk, Iraq — ISIS kills two Iraqi forces in Birmahdi village near Hawija.

May 6 — Helmand, Afghanistan — Taliban jihadist kill a police officer who was shopping in  Lashkar Gah, the provincial capital.

May 6 — Benue, Nigeria — Fulani terrorists kill man, his pregnant wife in Tarkende village.

May 7 — Khost, Afghanistan — Taliban terrorist kill a provincial police chief, his bodyguard, and secretary, wounds another, in the Khwaja Raheem area of Nadersha Kot District.

May 7 — Deir Ezzor, Syria — ISIS jihadis kill at least 11 Syrian regime forces and militia loyalists and injure many others.

May 7 — Deir Ezzor, Syria — ISIS kills two members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the town of n Al-Baghouz in the Al-Bokamal countryside.

May 7 — Deir Ezzor, Syria — IED placed by an unknown terrorist group in an area with prominent ISIS presence kills two members of the pro-Kurd, pro-Syrian regime National Defense Forces (NDF) militia.

May 7 — Lower Shabelle, Somalia — Al-Shabaab kills man in the town of Afgoye.


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