Delingpole: Former Marxist Speaks Out on Death of Free Speech

Broadcaster Claire Fox, director of the Academy of Ideas, is one of James’s doughtiest comrades in the Culture Wars. Oddly, she is also a self-confessed leftist – formerly of the Marxist Revolutionary Party. But on free speech, they are in total agreement on this week’s episode of Delingpole.

Fox, author of I (Still) Find That Offensive, thinks the parents and teachers of Gen X are partly to blame for creating a cosseted, spoilt generation of snowflakes who have been told they are special and beyond criticism. Now we must undo that damage and reclaim our right to say exactly what we think without fear or favor. Our civilization is built on free speech, and it is not just Silicon Valley liberals or Antifa or CNN that threaten it, but our entire culture; sure, the Social Justice Warriors are a menace, but it’s moderate, non-political people who are doing the real damage by acquiescing in a culture where no one dares speak their mind.

We need to be bolder, braver, more open. This battle is too important to be left to outspoken mavericks like Claire and James…


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