Breitbart News Daily Podcast Ep. 170: Out: Founding Fathers, In: Twerking Democrats; Guest: Amal Torres—Somali Immigrant, Air Force Vet, Rising GOP Star

Host Alex Marlow begins today’s podcast with all the details that we know about the July 4th Highland Park shooter. Many of the details are quite disturbing, and they don’t neatly fit the media’s preferred narratives (as usual). Now, the Left is openly attacking our Founding Fathers and the Constitution. This level of clarity might be a gift. Alex has an epic “Woke Update” today that features governments and corporations openly embracing sexual fetishism and depravity. It’s a new look and one that will probably have minimal consequences, unless of course, folks like you do something about it! Among other lowlights, a Democratic state senator from Rhode Island did some upside down twerking to raise awareness about…her behind or something. Is it a coincidence that we are elevating mostly nude dancing Democrats while disparaging our Founders? No, no it is not. Alex also discusses a slate of media and political stories before he speaks with today’s guest, Amal Torres. She is an impressive young woman who is now running for Congress in Maryland’s 3rd district after serving her country in the Air Force and working in the intelligence community. She’s also a Somali immigrant and has an amazing life story. We hear about her background and her political positions in a terrific conversation.

The Breitbart News Daily Podcast runs Monday through Friday as a “Director’s Cut” of the SXM Patriot radio show. Hosted by Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow, you’ll hear Alex’s take on the big political stories, interviews with various newsmakers, and the Patriot “Caller of the Day.”

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