Holmes Norton Responds, Ignores Past Ethical Problems


Tonight, Delegate (or in her self-absorbed world, Congresswoman) Eleanor Holmes Norton responded to reports that she put the squeeze on a lobbyist. Of course, she tried to change the subject:

The conservative blogger, Andrew Breitbart, best known for his misinformation concerning Shirley Sherrod, is trying to mislead again. He is circulating a voice mail of a standard request made by candidates to potential donors who do not know the candidates or their work. Norton, therefore, identified herself as a subcommittee chair and the kind of work she has done in subcommittee. Norton is a longtime supporter of public financing of campaigns, but barring that, candidates from all parties regularly raise funds in calls by first identifying who they are and what they have done. The call was made from campaign headquarters. Her request fully complied with legal and ethical requirements.”

Go here to see if her voicemail was a “standard request.”

Of course, this isn’t Eleanor Holmes Norton’s first brush with possible ethics’ violations. In fact, her first election for Congress was almost derailed by the revelation that she and her husband had decided not to pay DC income tax for seven years.

Because, you know, taxes are for other people. Just like House Ethics Rules are for other people.


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