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Free Press's Contrived Outrage at the FCC


We have recently heard very much about the Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)-induced flood of released documents.

They show that the anti-free market group Free Press worked quite closely with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) uber-Democrat Commissioner Michael Copps in advance of the December 21 FCC Internet power grab, executed so that the Commission could then impose the ridiculous Network Neutrality.

This knowledge certainly helps explain why the technologically inept Free Press was cited fifty-three times in the FCC’s absurd write-up of their absurd December Internet folly.

Which makes Free Press’s outrage at said order – for allegedly not going far enough – more than a mite bizarre.

It makes one wonder if this outrage is also perhaps in part a perpetually predetermined inevitability.

Sure, Free Press wants the whole Huge Government hog on all things, and they’re disappointed when they don’t get it. But they are, like all Leftists, patient incrementalists.

They’ll push for as much as they can get, “begrudgingly” take it – and come back soon thereafter for even more.

The federal government didn’t get to spending 25% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) overnight. It took little additional incremental nibbles for decades – until one day we woke up to find a federal Leviathan consuming one-fourth of all we produce.

Free Press continually acts completely insane – at which they are REALLY convincing – and continually asks for completely insane, Huge Government policy outcomes.

The FCC then does an obnoxiously large percentage – but not all – of what Free Press wants. Free Press goes on cue ballistic – and the Commission looks by comparison “reasonable.”

But as we’ve seen with the December Net Neutrality and the April wireless Internet “data roaming” power grabs, this FCC is anything but “reasonable.”

Free Press’s behavior is not dissimilar to that of the East German judge in the Soviet Union-era Olympics.

Back then, a panel of judges would otherwise score a U.S. gymnast or other athlete with 9.8s and 9.9s – and the East German judge would file a 6.8, just to screw with us.

Free Press is the Media Marxist equivalent of the East German judge – the outlier, the score you throw out.

But an important point must now be made.

Substantively, there is almost NO difference between Free Press and their Media Marxist cohorts – Public Knowledge and the Media Access Project.

These groups were just as underwhelmed and thusly outraged by, for instance, the December Internet power grab as was Free Press – providing further cover for an outrageously overreaching FCC.

But Public Knowledge and Media Access Project try to distance themselves from Free Press via stylistic differences – they calmly and “rationally” push for the exact same irrational policy prescriptions as Free Press.

Demanding the exact same Huge Government free market assaults – but not including Free Press in their tiny Media Marxist gaggles.

So we will continue to see the staid tones of Public Knowledge and Media Access Project – and Free Press’s rending of garments and scratching of lampposts.

But the differences in appearance belie an identical Huge Government intent.

And these Media Marxists – regardless of style – all provide the perfect, identical cover for an ever more encroaching FCC.


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