First-Ever Twitter Presidential Debate Announced


An historic first-ever Presidential debate on twitter will take place on Wednesday July 20th 3pm-4:30pm EDT (noon-1:30PDT) with all major candidates expected to participate except one. The debate is being organized by a group called and will be moderated by FOX News contributor SE Cupp along with popular fellow talk show host Rusty Humphries. Amato For Liberty will be supporting the event as a participating contributor.

[youtube 1j-Q_Lik7LU nolink]

“This is the essence of true democracy”, spokesman Dustin Stockton told me. “With the tools of social media available today citizens across America will be able to ask their questions directly to the candidates… Instead of the old debate format which is basically a joint press conference…We are going to ask one question of all the candidates and see their answers side by side so that we can really distinguish between what one candidate’s position is and and what another candidate’s position is. Right there in one form.” is not an actual TEA Party organization but instead a website which provides helpful resources for all TEA Party members.

“We provide the tools to help TEA Party groups be more effective at what they do. We can help them build a website, provide phone numbers and voting records of elected officials, help them organize a telephone campaign on a particular issue just to name a few examples”, Stockton said. “We connect TEA Party groups across the country with each other and help provide support from a menu of items as needed.”

In an interview on my radio show I asked Dustin Stockton if he knew why Mitt Romney, the lone holdout, chose not to participate,

“I can’t speak for the Mitt Romney campaign but if I had to venture a guess I would say using a new debate format, participating with a new group putting on the first ever twitter Presidential debate, there’s some risk involved and Mitt Romney’s just playing it safe”, he said.

Immediately upon hearing the news listeners began tweeting comments such as “No Mittens 2012”, “Nothing says establishment RINO like Romney”. Tweeters are known for their acerbic style of commentary.

You can watch and participate in the groundbreaking debate at the website To tweet your questions for the candidates use the twitter tag @140Townhall.

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