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GOP Debate Reaction: Part I


Tonight was the last debate before voting starts in Iowa on January 3rd. We’ll have more from the Breitbart world, but her are initial takes from some of our editors.

John Nolte, EIC BigHollywood:

I have no idea who I’m going to support in this primary but to have Romney(!) supporters trying to make the case that Gingrich isn’t conservative is beyond insulting. Bachmann attempting to make that case about Gingrich’s stand on abortion even more so. Besides that ongoing annoyance, Romney was very good in the first hour and has obviously decided that he has so many negative ads running he doesn’t have to attack in the debates. Gingrich really came on in the second half and beautifully diffused the “zany bombthrower” stuff. My guess, though, is that in a state like Iowa where retail politicking is everything, Perry did himself the most good. A lot of people, including me, WANT him to do well and his showing tonight likely reached that threshold. It would surprise me if he doesn’t start to show some added signs of life in polls that have already started moving in the right direction for him. The man is one of the best governor’s in the country. That should count for something.

Best of all, any MSM-type who says “Obama won tonight” is lying. Other than Ron Paul being Ron Paul, our standard bearers all did great tonight. This process has been good for them.

Dana Loesch, EIC BigJournalism:

Tonight I learned that Islamic terrorism is apparently just like the Cuban Missile crisis and that terrorists can be talked back to sanity via caring diplomacy, according to Ron Paul.

I also learned that it’s important to have a moderate judiciary comprised of judges from both sides of the aisle, presupposing that the judges from the left apply, not advantageously interpret, the Constitution.

I’d like to See Michele Bachmann go after Mitt Romney with as much ferocity as she does with Gingrich.

Tonight was the best debate of Rick Perry’s life. His strong performance will keep him in the race for a bit longer, but even this may be too late to notch him up the polls in Iowa. Gingrich gave a knock-out answer on Keystone — but only after he drowned in defending GSEs and his Fannie/Freddie payout. He weathered the storm without losing his cool which is important, but his logic at times was lacking. Rick Santorum seemed genuine tonight and less amped. I’ve never felt him ready for prime time, though.

Winners (and it pains me to say this first), were Romney, Gingrich, Perry, and Bachmann.

Larry O’Connor, EIC

Reports of Rick Perry’s demise are greatly exaggerated! The Texas Governor finally showed the country why he is the longest serving governor of the lone star state. When attacked by Chris Wallace on energy subsidies he instituted he immediately pivoted to an impassioned defense of the 10th amendment. When Gingrich was getting hammered for his cozy relationship with Freddie mac, Perry turned the subject around to his proposal to send Congress home “to get a real job” as he put it. And finally, he brilliantly likened himself to evangelical football hero Tim Tebow by predicting a miracle showing on caucus night.

Just a quick word about Ron Paul. There is a special place in hell for a man with an “R” after his name who chooses to repeat unhinged left-wing lies like “we killed a million Iraqis” in a “useless war”. Seriously Congressman Paul, on behalf of the families who lost loved ones who fought in that war that they truly believed was NOT useless, GO TO HELL.

Mike Flynn, EIC BigGovernment:

I will cover this all Monday, when I announce my endorsement. Not that anyone cares, but there comes a time when one has to take a stand. I am thankful that the last debate before voting begins was sponsored by FoxNews. They allowed an interesting debate to evolve, unlike the early season mess of the MSNBC/Politico event. That debate should be taught in journalism schools as a caution to political bias. Who knew Brian Williams was such a doctrinaire leftist?


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