Harry Reid Compares Job Creators to Paris Hilton

Harry Reid Compares Job Creators to Paris Hilton

Harry Reid today compared America’s job creators to Paris Hilton and claimed they “do nothing.” 

Republicans, eager to put Senate Democrats on record on taxes, tried to force a vote Wednesday on President Obama’s proposal to extend middle-class tax cuts but raise taxes for the rich, but Majority Leader Harry Reid objected, essentially sidelining the president’s plan.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, Republicans’ leader, tried to set up competing votes — one on the GOP’s plan to extend all the tax cuts for one year, and another on Mr. Obama’s proposal to extend them only for households making $250,000 or less.

But Mr. Reid objected to the request, saying he didn’t want to have the vote on the GOP’s legislation.

Reid made the remarks in response to the GOP attempting to force a vote on the current tax rate, often referred to as a “tax cut.” Our deficit is nearly $1.5 trillion. Even if we were to claim the entire incomes of the job creators for whom Reid shows such little respect, we would come nowhere close of making up the difference. The problem is as it’s always been: spending. 

Of course, Reid created another problem for himself by comparing upstanding, hard-working Americans to a reality star with a sex tape. 


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