#WAR: Put Up or Shut Up

#WAR: Put Up or Shut Up

Note from Senior Management:

Andrew Breitbart is, and always will be irreplaceable. But he left behind a legacy that continues to inspire, and a road map for anybody willing to seek out the truth. In honor of Andrew, we are proud to present a brand new weekly feature entitled #WAR, where we will choose a video that reminds us all of the unique and powerful way in which he chose to fight for all that he believed, in an effort to level the playing field such that more voices could be heard.


Last week, Newsweek announced that it would be closing up its print shop as of December 31, 2012 and come the New Year, will only exist in the digital realm.  The question quickly became, Is this the death of print journalism or is it simply the death of Newsweek?  The answer might be in this scarcely seen speech by Andrew in 2010…a speech in which he essentially predicts the ultimate destruction of the mainstream media by tracing the rise of new media and citizen journalism starting with his early days at the Drudge Report. 

And for those of you with a soft spot for Newsweek and other outlets that can no longer push a liberal agenda under the guise of truth, Andrew has these words:

Do not cry when their businesses crumble.”