The Left Misrepresents South Carolina Tea Party Event

The Left Misrepresents South Carolina Tea Party Event

No matter what Conservatives do to make their case, the Alinsky-bound Left is determined to continue the narrative of angry white racists.

Did you know there was a Tea Party convention in South Carolina, last weekend? Well if you read the Huffington Post or any number of Left Wing blogs, you do now. Because some yahoo, decided it would be funny to show up in a T-Shirt, with a caricature of the President as a Witch Doctor.

Joe Dugan wanted to throw a non-typical Tea Party. While events in the past have been vociferous rallies, he wanted this one to be information based. He went out of his way to pick speakers for the event that were knowledgeable, and offered workable solutions to the many crises that the Nation currently faces.  All his efforts went completely unnoticed by a media that has about as little interest in the truth.

Logan Smith, writer of the article did not bother to get further information from the mysterious Bob Cramer. Event coordinator Ron Hughes assures me that Bob is not a member of the South Carolina Tea Party.

Have you ever noticed how these guys always wear these shirts backwards, so you can’t see their faces? I know that comedy T-Shirts, which are quite a popular thing for road comics to sell after shows, ALWAYS print the jokes on the front so that the wearer can see the people cracking up when they read it.

Bob also didn’t bother to give Logan his website or any other ordering information for the T-Shirts and window decals he sells. Repeated attempts to locate him or his business were unsuccessful. So not only is Bob Cramer suffering from a lack of tact, he’s completely devoid of simple business sense. I would guess that means he’s a Democrat.

Logan did say he showed up for the convention on the second day without his now famous shirt on. Furthermore, the order forms he was planning to bring, never materialized.

Joe Dugan never saw they guy, and didn’t really want to talk about the shirt, since he feels the scandal diminishes the event he worked so hard to keep elevated. He even went so far as to cut off a speaker that got a little carried away, and started talking about secession (about 13:44).

Whether this was a false flag operation or not, is still up for question. It is unmistakeable however, there is absolutely no Tea Party endorsement for this kind of activity. Yet the meme continues. Something like this perpetuates the narrative, that the Tea Party is the new Klan. I used to think that was harmless derision that nobody really believed.

But that was before November.


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