'Ready For Hillary' Super PAC Forms for 2016 Run

'Ready For Hillary' Super PAC Forms for 2016 Run

Hillary Clinton’s recent health scares were not enough to deter Allida Black and Judy Beck, two of Clinton’s strongest backers, from creating a “Ready for Hillary” super PAC last week. 

“It’s a draft movement. We want her to run, but we are not rookie volunteers,” said Black. “This is not in any way an authorized endeavor–this is me calling my friends across the country to develop grassroots support for her.”

The “Ready for Hillary” super PAC boasts almost 50,000 Twitter followers and nearly 30,000 Facebook followers. The group says it plans to launch its official website in the next week or two.

Black and Beck are seasoned Hillary Clinton supporters who helped Clinton raise over $100,000 in 2008. 

“This is not our first campaign,” Black told The Hill. “We know how to raise money. Most of us who are involved have done fundraisers before. I certainly have had fundraisers for her at my house in Virginia. We’re there to mobilize support for her in a variety of forms, both financial and grassroots. We’re getting ready so that when she’s ready, we’ve got the resources to help her do it.”

Black and Beck say they anticipate that Clinton, 65, will want ample downtime after leaving her post as Secretary of State. But they say they are hopeful the former First Lady will return rejuvenated for another presidential run.

“I want her to rest,” says Black. “I want her to have the first real vacation she’s ever had in her entire life, and come back ready, rested and emboldened to take the next step.”