Sen. Feinstein: Private Gun Sales Play into Terrorists' Hands

Sen. Feinstein: Private Gun Sales Play into Terrorists' Hands

During an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said expanded background checks are “not enough,” and private gun sales cannot continue because they allow terrorists to buy guns in the United States.

“Can a terrorist currently buy a gun in this country? Yes. Can a felon? Yes. You go to a gun show and virtually no questions are asked,” Feinstein claimed. 

Joe Scarborough chimed in later in the segment to echo Feinstein’s claim, asserting, “So now we have al Qaeda terrorists saying, ‘Kill Americans, it’s easy, just go to gun shows, get an assault weapon.'”

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In addition, Feinstein believes the failure of the filibuster threat against Senate gun control opens the door to her “assault weapons” ban once again:

Do you need a 30 round clip and an AR-15 to hunt? …I don’t understand, and I never have, why this nation is better, how we protect our nation better, with these weapons available.

So the bill I have, which is close [to what they just instituted in Connecticut], really doesn’t take a weapon away from anybody. If they sell that weapon there’s a background check. If they keep that weapon, it has to be kept with a trigger lock and in a safe. And it exempts 2,258 weapons in 96 pages of bill language by make and model. What it does do, is dry up of the supply [of these weapons] over time.

Feinstein said she does not understand the “psychopathology” of people who oppose “prudent gun regulation.”


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