Obama Targets GOP Members Who Cross the Aisle

Obama Targets GOP Members Who Cross the Aisle

President Barack Obama built his 2008 presidential campaign on a new brand of politics, one where the two parties could come together in the best interests of the country.

Nothing of the sort transpired, as we all know now. Five years later, Obama and his acolytes can’t wait to trash members of the GOP who dare stretch a toe over the ideological line toward the President.

Two new examples: a MoveOn.org effort to paint Paul Ryan (R-WI) as racist for using the term “anchor babies” in an immigration talk, and Organizing for Action branding Marco Rubio (R-FL) a “climate denier.”

Both Ryan and Rubio have been generally supportive of the “Gang of 8” Senate immigration bill, one that most conservatives have unabashedly decried.

This afternoon, a group of liberal Wisconsinites will gather at Monument Square in Racine, WI to demand Ryan apologize for using an “offensive anti-immigrant slur”–anchor babies–while discussing immigration reform. The petition began on MoveOn.org’s online petition platform.

A press release announcing the protest featured this battle cry: 

As a former vice-presidential nominee and key player in the GOP’s future, Rep. Ryan knows better than to resort to language that only serves to rile up the fringe, anti-immigrant segment of his party. If he wants to attract Republican voters to truly bipartisan reform efforts, this isn’t the way to do it.

That comes on the heels of Obama’s constant campaign arm saying Rubio publicly mocked basic science by not falling in lockstep surrounding the left’s global warming hysteria. Here’s some of the text Organizing for Action sent to its members:

If we want to make progress on climate change, we need everyone in Congress on board for a solution. It’s our job to show them there’s a price to pay for being a climate denier.

Hope and Change? More like Chicago-style politics powered by a dash of Thought Police enforcement.


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