Unnecessary Shutdown Result of Obama's Refusal to Negotiate

Unnecessary Shutdown Result of Obama's Refusal to Negotiate

As we begin with week three of the government shutdown, I wonder how many Americans are aware just how unnecessary a shutdown was from the beginning. If the media accurately reported how continuing resolutions work and the White House embraced using this tool, the government would still be up and running. 

Instead, President Obama and Senator Harry Reid want to make this as painful as possible for the American people. Both have refused to negotiate. If the truth about Washington were reported, it would expose an arrogant, intransigent president whose sense of negotiation is to do it his way and his way alone.

Instead of hearing the truth, the public has been terrified into believing their lives would be completely interrupted, if not halted. Planes would be grounded. Social security checks would not arrive. Medicare payments wouldn’t be made. The stock market would crash. The already fragile economy would derail. 

Judge for yourself the Democrats’ ability to forecast reality. The Dow went up over 300 points last Thursday, 401(k)s got fatter, and not much else changed. The only people who felt the pain were those who could be exploited for the administration’s purposes.

This all serves as greater proof that the private sector runs safely and efficiently with or without the government. I suspect it could do even better if the billions spent on regulations were put back into companies to improve services and prices.

The safest, most efficient businesses flourish. The rest cease to exist in a truly free market.

Yet Democrats believe government is too small and needs to do more.

Ronald Reagan once said “If it moves, tax it. If it moves too fast, regulate it. If it moves too slow, subsidize it.” He was talking about how big government thinkers think. They want more government to do more.

Until the public realizes government is not the solution to our problems but the source thereof, we will continue to send career politicians back to D.C. to collect their paycheck and perks.

Why not consider getting government off our backs, out of our pockets, and away from our children? Allow us to be free Americans.

However, this would have to start with the media reporting the news without bias. Telling the truth would go a long way in America. Yet truth, and the love of it, died years ago. It’s now all about winning and pandering. How about “just the facts ma’am”? How about not gaming the system but living by the truth?


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