If Obamacare Has You Frightened, You Can't Vote for McAuliffe

If Obamacare Has You Frightened, You Can't Vote for McAuliffe

Back in September, Citizens United launched a statewide radioadvertisement in the Virginia governor’s race to shed light on the factthat a vote for liberal Democrat Terry McAuliffe is a vote for Obamacare. 

We wanted to warn Virginians that Obamacarewill not only ruin America’s health care system – once the envy of the entire world- but it will also kill jobs and dramatically stunt economic growth.

Now that Obamacare has been officially launched, people areseeing it collapse right in front of their very eyes. If you are a resident of the Commonwealth ofVirginia, you have a chance to be one of the first people to officially say noto Obamacare on Tuesday, November 5. Youcan do that by voting for Ken Cuccinelli for Governor.

My friend Ken Cuccinelli has led the fight against Obamacareby fighting it in the courts to stop the individual mandate. As a principled conservative, Cuccinelli hasbeen in the trenches fighting the law from day one, which fundamentally changesthe role government plays in each of our lives. Instead of incompetent government bureaucratsbeing a nuisance, they now will make life-and-death decisions about you and yourfamily’s healthcare.

As millions of Americans receive cancellation letters fromtheir insurance company, and the healthcare.gov website continues to crash despitean absurd budget, the law has become its own worst enemy. Employersthroughout Virginia are scaling back hours to avoid the devastatingrequirements and regulations in Obamacare, yet Terry McAuliffe has remainedsteadfast in his support of the law’s expansion of Medicaid. And unlike many prominent Democrats who haverecently come out to say “delay the individual mandate,” Terry McAuliffe standswith other politicians in denial, such as President Obama. 

As Governor, McAuliffe’s reckless policies would force Virginia jobcreators, families, and health-care providers to bear the heavy cost of hisleft-wing agenda. I guess that iswhy he is campaigning with President Obama this weekend.

Liberals around the country have contributed millions to payfor television advertisements that try to distract from Terry McAuliffe’srecord of crony business deals and corruption. From selling access to the Lincoln Bedroom andseats on Air Force One, to taking money from an African gun lord and investing in an insurance scam which preyed on dying people,Terry McAuliffe’s record is plagued with warning signs for Virginia voters. 

For more on this, make sure to watch Fast Terry,a Citizens United movie I produced which details Terry’s sham GreenTech carcompany in Tunica, Mississippi. That company, financed by a complexcash-for-visas scheme involving foreign investors, is currently underinvestigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Virginia must say NO to a couple of really bad liberal ideason November 5: Terry McAuliffe andObamacare. Virginia, make the rightchoice and elect a proven leader in Ken Cuccinelli for Governor.


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