Many Obamacare Enrollees May Still Be Uninsured Because of Glitches

Many Obamacare Enrollees May Still Be Uninsured Because of Glitches

On Thursday, the Huffington Post reported that consumers who signed up for insurance on may in fact not be registered after all. The article, titled, “Nasty Surprise May Await People Who Thought They Enrolled in Obamacare,” strikes a much different note than the publication was playing back in October.

An October 1 article that appeared in the Huffington Post defended Obamacare, saying that it wasn’t so bad that Americans were losing their health plans. The article stated, “Some health insurance on the market today is just lousy. That’s a big reason why even people who have insurance can go bankrupt when their medical bills start piling up.” The article claimed “plans getting dropped are nothing new. Neither are big rate hikes.”

Now it seems that even Obama’s hitherto staunchest supporters are having to face the inevitable truth that the Affordable Care Act is a catastrophe. HuffPo complains that complying insurance companies are receiving “garbled and incomplete” information from the enrollments, “and in some cases no information at all.” The reality is that those who completed the enrollment forms may still not be insured, just “another embarrassing chapter in the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature health care reform law,” the article affirms. 

On Monday, the Washington Post indicated that as many as one-third of all people that enrolled for health plans through may not get health insurance due to errors made by the federal system. The mistakes involve failures in basic notification of new customers to the insurance companies. Meanwhile, the government website cannot yet process the payment of subsides to the insurance companies. On top of that, there are multiple errors with incorrect family member information, duplicate enrollments, and false cancellation notices.


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