Christie: NJ's DREAM Act Compromise Example D.C. Should Follow

Christie: NJ's DREAM Act Compromise Example D.C. Should Follow

Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will urge Washington to compromise more in his inaugural address on Tuesday, using his administration’s signing of the state’s DREAM Act last month as an example that D.C. should follow. 

According to excerpts of his address, Christie will rail against the “belief that compromise is a dirty word” and “the attitude of Washington, D.C.” that puts “everyone into a box they are not permitted to leave” and “political wins ahead of policy arguments.” 

“As we saw in December regarding the DREAM Act, we can put the future of our state ahead of the partisans who would rather demonize than compromise,” Christie is expected to say.

Christie will deliver his address and then be sworn in as he deals with the pending investigation into the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal and accusations from a Hoboken mayor that a top Christie official threatened to withhold Sandy relief funds from the city if the mayor did not approve a project favored by Christie and his administration. That accusation, if true, would mirror the crony capitalism that goes on in the “Boomtown” that is Washington, D.C. which has disgusted Americans. 

The address will reportedly seek to highlight Christie’s credentials a moderate Republican willing to compromise with Democrats in the spirit of “No Labels” amid reports that he is a persistent bully