Shooting at Mall in Columbia, Maryland Happened in 'Gun Free Zone'

Shooting at Mall in Columbia, Maryland Happened in 'Gun Free Zone'

The “Code of Conduct” for the Mall in Columbia, Maryland where a fatal shooting took place Saturday includes a prohibition on the possession of “firearms.” 

In other words, the site of what the Daily Mail described as a January 25th “murder-suicide” did not allow guns on its premises. 

This meant law-abiding citizens could in no way defend themselves when 19-year-old Darion Marcus Aquilar brought his 12-gauge shotgun into the mall to carry out his heinous deed. FOX 45 Baltimore reports that the shotgun used by Aquilar was legally purchased at a store in Montgomery County in December.

This also means the murder-suicide at the Mall in Columbia joins the list of so many other incidents in gun-free zones in the past few years: horrible attacks like the ones at Ft Hood, the Aurora theater, Sandy Hook Elementary, and the DC Navy Yard, where guns were used to kill innocents in gun-free zones.

As Breitbart News reported on September 17th,  gun-free zones are just “mass shootings waiting to happen.” 

Gun-free zones encourage what some of the nation’s more stringent gun control laws are unable to stop. 

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