Lupus Sufferer: 'Obamacare Has Made My Life a Nightmare'

Lupus Sufferer: 'Obamacare Has Made My Life a Nightmare'

A Tennessee woman with lupus who voted for Barack Obama blasted the president and Obamacare in a moving Monday NY Post editorial. 

“Obamacare has made my life a nightmare,” wrote Emilie Lamb. “Obamacare is a health plan that is both unaffordable and uncaring. For a law named ‘The Affordable Care Act,’ this is both backward and perverse.”

Lamb added, “It’s also not what you promised me when I voted for you, Mr. President.” 

Lamb says her old CoverTN plan cost just $57 a month and “was perfectly suited to my unique medical condition” until her plan and 16,000 other Tennesseans’ plans were canceled due to Obamacare. Lamb’s new Obamacare platinum plan costs $373 a month, even with a small subsidy, and that she is likely to spend over $6,000 more a year on her medical costs. 

Lamb, who attended Obama’s State of the Union address as a guest of her congresswoman, says she has had to take a second job to pay for her Obamacare plan. 

“Given my health problems, the physical and emotional drain that this puts on me is difficult to bear. It’s also made it much more difficult for me to care for my ailing mother, who depends on me for help,” wrote Lamb. 

In the end, Lamb says she feels betrayed by the man she voted for. 

“Mr. President, you’ve now broken all of these promises–and not just to me.” 


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