Fifth Tesla Car Fire in Five Months

Fifth Tesla Car Fire in Five Months

Tesla has confirmed that yet another one of its vehicles has caught fire, the fifth in just the last five months.

The latest fire involved a Model S in Toronto, Canada and did not result in injuries. 

“We don’t yet know theprecise cause, but have definitively determined that it did notoriginate in the battery, the charging system, the adapter or theelectrical receptacle, as these components were untouched by the fire,” said Tesla spokeswoman Liz Jarvis-Shean.  

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is currently investigating the Tesla Model S battery system, has yet to complete its investigation.

Tesla owner Elon Musk, who donates heavily to both Democrats and Republicans, contributed over $100,000 to President Barack Obama’s campaign. Musk and Tesla bagged a $465 million taxpayer-funded loan as part of Obama’s “green stimulus” slush fund which distributed 80% of its $20.5 billion to companies owned by or connected to Obama’s campaign donors.


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