GOP Building Database of Millions Who Lost Insurance Due to Obamacare

GOP Building Database of Millions Who Lost Insurance Due to Obamacare

The Republican National Committee is erecting a database of the millions of voters whose health insurance plans were canceled due to Obamacare.

“Getting that information [on plan cancellations] and having good data as to who votes, who doesn’t vote, voter registration, party affiliation, consumer characteristics, cross-referenced with that kind of information, I think, is important for us to have,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told the Washington Examiner.

Priebus says it’s all part of a data-driven approach to voter mobilization.

“We have not had a difficult time finding data scientists and software engineers. We’ve brought in some of the top engineers from LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Facebook that are working on these data projects that we have at the party,” said Priebus.

News of the data targeting strategy comes as Republicans have already expanded their electoral battlemap heading into the midterm elections. Democrat MSNBC host Chris Matthews predicts that Democrats could lose up to 10 Senate seats, thereby losing their majority. On Wednesday, even President Barack Obama warned Democrats at a $5,000 to $20,000 a plate Democratic fundraiser that his party could get “walloped” if Democrats get “sleepy.”

With the unpopular Obamacare program looming heavy over Democrats, most political analysts predict Republicans will retain and expand their majority in the House and will gain seats–and possibly the majority–in the Senate.