Mark Levin Joins Sarah Palin in Endorsing T.W. Shannon

Mark Levin Joins Sarah Palin in Endorsing T.W. Shannon

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin endorsed Oklahoma Senate candidate T.W. Shannon Monday.

Shannon, arguably the most conservative House Speaker in Oklahoma’s history, has been surging in the polls, propelled in part by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s endorsement. Shannon trailed Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) by 35 points but has closed the gap to single digits in a poll taken four days after Palin’s endorsement.

“I’ve taken a very close look at this race and have talked to a number of folks who know Shannon,” Levin wrote on his Facebook page. “I want to join great conservatives, like my friend Sarah Palin, in endorsing Shannon for Senate in Oklahoma. Shannon is very impressive and, I believe, understands the dire situation facing the nation.”

Levin and Palin have been leading the charge for conservatives against the ossifying Republican establishment, and Levin’s endorsement is likely to earn Shannon even more of the trust of Republican primary voters in the nation’s reddest state.

On Breitbart News Saturday, Shannon, who previously said Palin’s endorsement brings more than money can buy, said that Palin’s endorsement gave his campaign a “huge boost in the arm” because Oklahomans trust that Palin, who has a 78% favorability rating in Oklahoma, will back candidates who will go to Washington and fight against the permanent political class.

Levin emphasized that Shannon, who has said he wants to go to Washington not to be a manager who manages America’s decline but to fight to turn the country around, gets the dire situation the country is facing.

Levin, along with Palin, has been one of the most instrumental figures of the conservative grassroots. His book Liberty and Tyranny predicted much of President Barack Obama’s statist agenda before it was implemented and sold over a million copies even though the mainstream media ignored it, showing the power of the conservative movement and its ability to circumvent the mainstream press.