The Long View: Gun Control Being Decimated on State Level

The Long View: Gun Control Being Decimated on State Level

Gun control is being decimated at the state level, as more and more state legislatures pass laws nullifying gun ordinances, expanding concealed carry, instituting open carry, and legalizing campus carry, among other things. 

During the first week of January 2014 Breitbart News Sunday reported that the closer you get to the people, the less support you find for gun control. In truth, the closer you get to the people the more support you find for loosening if not repealing gun control.

Thus while federal officeholders like President Obama, Vice president Biden, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) continue to push gun control in a top down effort, state governors and legislatures are listening to the people and pushing back–and winning

Consider these examples from January 2014–April 2014 alone:

1. On January 18 Breitbart News reported Florida colleges and universities were changing their policies to allow students to keep guns in their cars on campus for self-defense.

2. On February 13 Breitbart News reported Mississippi passed legislation protecting concealed carry rights and preventing firearms from being seized from law abiding citizens during an “emergency or natural disaster.”

3. On March 14 Breitbart News reported that Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter (R) signed legislation making campus carry legal in that state. Thereby recognizing that 2nd Amendment rights do not end at the campus’ edge. 

4. On March 25 Breitbart News reported that West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin (D) signed legislation eliminating city and county gun ordinances in an effort to open up the entire state to concealed carry. 

5. On March 27 Breitbart News reported that Indiana Governor Mike Pence (R) signed legislation allowing loaded guns to be kept in cars on school campuses. This was to protect concealed carry holders who had a gun on them when they drove up to get their children after school and to provide a way for teachers with concealed carry licenses to keep guns in their cars for self-defense.

6. On April 1–amid concerted federal efforts to demagogue Stand Your Ground laws–Breitbart News reported that Florida was expanding Stand Your Ground to include the ability to fire a warning shot. 

7.  On April 3 Breitbart News reported the Missouri state house passed legislation aimed at nullifying federal guns laws within that state.

8. On April 23 Breibart News reported that Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) signed legislation nullifying city and county gun ordinances to ensure that citizens can openly carry guns throughout the state.

9. Also on April 23 Breitbart News reported that Georgia Governor Nathan Deal (R) signed the Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014, which lessens the number of gun free zones in the state by opening up more bars, unsecured portions of airports, certain government buildings, and churches for concealed carry. 

These examples are not the only pieces of pro-gun legislation that have made their way through state legislatures in the last four months, but they suffice to make the point that the people are winning the battle for gun rights at the state level. 

The people are decimating the gun control crowd one state at a time. 

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