Sessions on Release of Criminal Aliens: 'Dangerous Offenders Should Be Kept in Custody'

Sessions on Release of Criminal Aliens: 'Dangerous Offenders Should Be Kept in Custody'

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions slammed the Obama administration Wednesday on the Senate floor for releasing 36,007 criminal immigrants being processed for deportation into the U.S. last year.

“These are serious crimes, and criminals, if you’ll recall and kept up with news, are the only group this administration says we are deporting. They don’t even deny that they’re not deporting others who have violated our immigration laws but they promised faithfully they are faithfully removing people who commit crimes unrelated to immigration,” Sessions said. “Well, that’s being proven not to be so.”

On Monday, the Center for Immigration Studies released a report about an internal document which revealed ICE released 36,007 immigrants convicted of nearly 88,000 crimes — including murder, kidnapping, and sexual assault. 

“So these dangerous offenders should be kept in custody. They shouldn’t be released into the general population,” Sessions said. “We has a study of that several years ago: When you take a person who entered the country illegally and they are released on bail, they don’t show up. If they are willing to enter the country illegally and be here illegally if a judge has him set for trial and he releases him on bail we have an incredibly high number who don’t show up for trial. It was called catch and release, and was roundly criticized.

“So this is even being done now with serious criminal charges and convictions,” he stated.