17 French Tweets Reacting to Obama's Gum Chewing During D-Day Celebration

17 French Tweets Reacting to Obama's Gum Chewing During D-Day Celebration

As the Daily Dot noticed, the French appeared puzzled as to why President Barack Obama was chomping on gum during a D-Day Commemoration event in France on Friday. 

Here are 17 French tweets reacting to the scene.

1. Barack Obama and his chewing gum disgust me. What a lack of respect; it’s revolting.

2. Are you serious with your tweets? If Obama is chewing gum, it’s because the Americans landed on D-Day.

3. Barack Obama with his chewing gum; he respects nothing. He’s funny, this guy!

4. It’s a D-Day Commemoration, and journalists are talking about Obama’s chewing gum.

5. Oh, la, la! The journalists of TF1 don’t know what to say, so they’re talking about chewing gum.

6. Obama and his chewing gun: American class! 

7. Obama and his chewing gum… Shouldn’t somebody tell him this is an homage to the soldiers?

8. Obama, didn’t your mother ever teach you not to chew gum when you’re on TV?

9. I find Obama much too happy for the occasion, and he’s annoying me with his gum.

10. Obama in the middle of chewing gum! If he were in my class, he wouldn’t get away with this!

11. Obama too impolite; he’s chewing gum.

12. The “Obama beach;” say hello to America’s “chewing gum” strategy for beating the Russians.

13. Barack Obama heard you can take out your chewing gum for the ceremony…

14. My mother told me to “tweet to Obama and tell him that it’s a lack of manners to chew gum during a ceremony.”

15. Could someone ask Barack Obama to stop chewing his gum like a cowboy?

16. He chewed like a Normandy cow!

17. Obama’s chewing gum… Seriously…


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