Young Women Exposed to Lies, Distortions About Hobby Lobby Case on Social Media

Young Women Exposed to Lies, Distortions About Hobby Lobby Case on Social Media

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, the “war on women” meme is back in full force. The abortion industry and the political left are actively distorting the ruling on social media as a way to invite younger women to view themselves as “victims” of “five male justices” and “bosses” who have decided they should no longer be able to purchase birth control.

This guy shouldn’t be making our personal #birthcontrol decisions. The fight isn’t over. #NotMyBossBusiness

— NARAL (@NARAL) June 30, 2014

Hillary Clinton reacted to the decision on Monday, referring to the 5-4 ruling as a “deeply disturbing” slippery slope.

“It’s very troubling that a sales clerk at Hobby Lobby who needs contraception, which is pretty expensive, is not going to get that service through her employer’s healthcare plan because her employer doesn’t think she should be using contraception,” Clinton said.

We’re with @HillaryClinton on this one. #JointheDissent

— Planned Parenthood (@PPact) July 2, 2014

Clinton’s reaction underscores the distortion of the details of Hobby Lobby’s case as well as the fact that she is really out of touch with the price of birth control.

The Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, is against drugs that are abortive, but the company does include 16 types of contraception in its health insurance plan. A sales clerk at Hobby Lobby can purchase one of the contraceptives through her employee health plan. On the other hand, if she chooses to purchase it herself without using her health insurance, she can buy it for as little as $3.77 per month. A large tube of toothpaste costs more.

RT @feministabulous Love that a female customer went into a #HobbyLobby store today to do this. #notmybossbusiness

— NARAL (@NARAL) July 3, 2014

Clinton’s comment that an employee won’t receive “that service… because her employer doesn’t think she should be using contraception,” is another attempt to agitate uninformed women by instilling a sense of victimization. A truly empowered woman who wants to be able to have her birth control paid for by employer-provided health insurance would seek out prospective employers who offer it in their insurance plans.

Planned Parenthood is aiding the distortion of the Hobby Lobby decision as well. The abortion giant is inviting visitors to its website to “join the dissent.”

It’s unbelievable that in 2014, we’re still fighting about whether women should have access to birth control. #notmybossbusiness

— Planned Parenthood (@PPact) June 30, 2014

“The Supreme Court has issued a ruling that gives employers the power to deny women the new birth control benefits of the Affordable Care Act – allowing bosses to force their personal beliefs on employees,” Planned Parenthood writes.

It’s important to note here that, as syndicated columnist Ramesh Ponnuru reminded Wednesday, federal law has only required most employers to cover contraceptives since 2012 – the start of the second term of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Employers who hold religious or personal beliefs against artificial contraception are not denying women birth control. A truly empowered woman who wants to have birth control paid for by a health insurance plan would check to see if her employer provides it… or work someplace else. If she likes her job, she can pay as little as $3.77 per month for birth control.

As Sean Parnell, author of the Self-Pay Patient, wrote Tuesday, “In fact, because of the way third-party payer healthcare tends to drive up costs (particularly for relatively inexpensive things, like birth control) it’s entirely possible that most women will actually save money on birth control simply by paying directly for it.”

Planned Parenthood also cites Justice Ginsburg’s “powerful dissent when she said, ‘[The court’s decision] would deny legions of women who do not hold their employer’s beliefs access to contraceptive coverage.'”

With all due respect, Justice Ginsburg is distorting the message of empowerment for women. The high court’s decision does not prevent “legions of women” from gaining “access to contraceptive coverage.” They can buy it for as little as $3.77 per month. Even women on food stamps can afford it.

Lavish praise was heaped upon Ginsburg by the abortion industry for her dissenting opinion in the Hobby Lobby case.

Ironically, it was also Justice Ginsburg who criticized the Roe v. Wade decision in May of 2013 when she told a University of Chicago Law School group last year that Roe overruled the democratic will by handing down a ruling made by “unelected old men.”

Speaking at the University of Chicago Law School, Ginsburg said that the 1973 decision, together with Doe v. Bolton, which legalized abortion until the ninth month of pregnancy, was too overreaching. Ginsburg said it would have been her preference that the High Court struck down only the Texas law in question without a decision that affected other states.

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, also reacted to the Hobby Lobby decision by channeling Hillary Clinton.

#SCOTUS #HobbyLobby ruling gives bosses power to interfere in our personal #healthcare decisions. #NotMyBossBusiness

— NARAL (@NARAL) June 30, 2014

“Today’s decision from five male justices is a direct attack on women and our fundamental rights,” said Hogue. “This ruling goes out of its way to declare that discrimination against women isn’t discrimination.”

She continued:

Allowing bosses this much control over the health-care decisions of their employees is a slippery slope with no end. Every American could potentially be affected by this far-reaching and shocking decision that allows bosses to reach beyond the boardroom and into their employees’ bedrooms. The majority claims that its ruling is limited, but that logic doesn’t hold up. Today it’s birth control; tomorrow it could be any personal medical decision, from starting a family to getting life-saving vaccinations or blood transfusions.

The #HobbyLobby decision means these huge corporations can now discriminate against women: #NotMyBossBusiness

— NARAL (@NARAL) July 2, 2014

Hopefully, smart young women will look beyond the left’s game of identifying them as victims who are at the mercy of “male justices” and “bosses.” The real “choice” is whether or not to have sex. If the answer is “yes,” there is plenty of access to cheap birth control – no “bosses” needed.


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