Report: Jeb Bush Will Try to Sell Amnesty, Common Core to GOP Primary Voters if He Runs

Report: Jeb Bush Will Try to Sell Amnesty, Common Core to GOP Primary Voters if He Runs

If former Florida Governor Jeb Bush runs for president in 2016, he will reportedly double down on amnesty for illegal immigrants and Common Core.

According to Politico, George H.W. Bush, his father, is reportedly “eager for his son to run” to see “a return of the family dynasty to power,” which Bush Sr. thinks would be “a near certainty.”

“People who have spoken with Bush say he is much less concerned about the rough ride he undoubtedly would have in the GOP primaries,” Politico reported. “They say if he runs, the former governor will absolutely not back off his stances but rather attempt to sell them to his party in the primaries and make the case that he would be the strongest Republican nominee to take on Hillary Clinton.”

Even the Tampa Bay Times acknowledged that Bush’s embrace of Common Core makes his presidential chances “look more dubious.” And Bush, who said that illegal immigration is an “act of love,” has also, as Breitbart News reported, continued to push for massive increases in high-tech visas, like at this year’s “Davos in the Desert” conference in Arizona, even though there is a surplus of American high-tech workers. 

This week, though President Barack Obama delayed his executive amnesty to help Senate Democrats remain in power, Bush said that Republicans should push amnesty legislation if they take back the Senate.

“And my hope is with a Republican-controlled Senate, we can begin to see a conversation about how to go about [passing comprehensive amnesty legislation],” Bush reportedly said at an event for North Carolina Republican Senate candidate Thom Tillis.

Bush held fundraisers for five GOP Senate candidates in battleground states this week and will reportedly travel to South Carolina next month for a fundraiser with South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, who would not be in the statehouse had it not been for the support of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in 2010. 


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