Gabby Giffords' Gun Control Tour: Like It Never Happened

Gabby Giffords' Gun Control Tour: Like It Never Happened

Gabby Giffords recently embarked on a nine-state tour around the country to push gun control and gun control candidates. Two weeks later, the Associate Press reports that Giffords has completed her tour, which, judging from the political climate, was rather unremarkable. 

On Wednesday, the AP reported, “Not a single candidate in this year’s midterm elections for statewide or federal office appeared with Giffords” during her tour. Instead, from Maine to Washington state–over a period of ten days–Giffords and her staff usually met with small gatherings of people in public libraries and high school classrooms. 

Iowa state lawmaker Marti Anderson (D-Iowa-Dist. 36) supports Giffords’ efforts and helped organize the tour stop in Des Moines. However, she admitted that politicians could not take the political risk tied to an appearance with Giffords.

Anderson said, “If this [tour] happened in March or December or any other time, we’d have asked other politicians to join. But it’s risky 15 days before an election.”

Pia Carusone–“Giffords’ longtime chief aide”–said it was “hard not to be … disappointed by the lack of response” to Giffords’ tour. 

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