All 50 States Hit Freezing Temperatures or Below

All 50 States Hit Freezing Temperatures or Below

All 50 U.S. states, including President Barack Obama’s home state of Hawaii, dropped to freezing or below on Tuesday, reports the National Weather Service.

Hawaii’s dormant volcano, Mauna Kea, experienced 30 F to 32 F temperatures.

In New York, western parts of the state had four feet of snow — and three towns near Buffalo had to declare states of emergency.

Northern Florida is bracing for record-smashing low temperatures expected to drop below 20 degrees F near the state’s capital.

Milwaukee’s high temperature was 20 degrees F.

Of all the cities across the country, Buffalo, New York may have been the hardest hit. Four people died and over 150 people–including a women’s basketball team–spent the day trapped in their snowbound cars, prompting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to declare a state of emergency. The storm has been dubbed “one of the worst in memory.”

According to the Boston Globe, 1,360 daily low records have been smashed across the country in a single week.

A Tuesday report by the Associated Press said Obama plans to devote his final two years in office to combating global warming


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