King Barack I

King Barack I

Since day one, Obama has been against the idea of reaching across the aisle in order to get things done for the American people. Thursday night he went beyond the realm of what we ever thought imaginable and granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants already living in the United States. 

This move sets a very dangerous precedent, not only because it sends the message that America does not enforce its own laws, but now immigrants who did abide by our laws and waited their turn have nothing to show for it. Why should hard-working American taxpayers play by the rules if some laws don’t apply?

Obama’s decision to allow law-breakers to get off unscathed is an absolute disgrace. This president has always demonstrated himself as above the Constitution and above the laws of our government, and this executive action is concrete proof of that. He cares solely about fundamentally changing a nation in order to suit his own liberal agenda and ideology.

According to a recent NBC News poll, “48% of the nation disapproves of the president’s approach, while only 38% favor the move.” It was as clear in his speech after the midterm elections as it was Thursday night in his illegal immigration amnesty speech – Obama does not care about the wishes of the American people. In Obama’s mind, he knows what is best for everyone, and everyone should go along or just be ignored as an inconvenience. Obama did admit that our immigration system is broken, but to attempt to make us believe that granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants will do anything but make the system work is an unbelievable, mind-bending argument to make. He thinks we’re all pushovers.

Through this president’s executive action, he has sent the message that our immigration laws are simply there for show and will not be enforced. Unquestionably, Obama gained almost 5 million new supporters from this unilateral decision this week, but at what price for the country? America is a nation of laws, and what President Obama did was a slap to the face for the Republic. Congress, as well as the federal judiciary, should not let this stand.

“When the president embraces the tactics of a monarch, it becomes incumbent on Congress to wield the constitutional power it has to stop it,” stated Senator Ted Cruz. Obama has continuously blamed Congress for “forcing” him to exercise his executive action muscle because “he simply cannot wait any longer.” This is yet another untruth, because Obama had Democrat control of both chambers of Congress for two years and never brought up immigration reform for a vote. 

The fundamental change Obama yearns for in America is taking shape right now as we speak. It is imperative that the new Congress this January does everything in its power to stop the reckless Obama agenda and mitigate the damage that’s done. Obama has stated, “I’m not a king. You know, my job as the head of the executive branch ultimately is to carry out the law. And, you know, when it comes to enforcement of our immigration laws, we’ve got some discretion.” President Obama played the part of king this week. It’s now incumbent on our co-equal branches of government to rein him in and make him the joker.


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