MA Woman Hurls Pork Products at Police, Calling Them ‘Pigs’

Framingham Police
Framingham Police

A police officer working in the Framingham, MA Police Department got a belated Christmas present Friday morning: a young woman carrying a doughnut box filled with raw bacon and sausage allegedly hurled them at him and smeared the meat on the window in front of him. Lindsay McNamara, 24, who claimed God told her to go “feed the pigs,” was arrested immediately and charged with disorderly conduct and malicious destruction of property.

She told the court Friday afternoon, “Somebody’s out to get me. I don’t know who it is, but somebody is out to get me.”

Framingham police Lt. Harry Wareham related what happened: “She walked into the lobby and was carrying a Dunkin’ Donuts box, walked up to the window; when the officer greeted her, asked if he could help her, she said, ‘I’m here to feed the pigs,'” He added, “It’s clear she may need help.”

The judge, addressing McNamara, who represented herself, thought there were signs of mental disturbance. When McNamara insisted, “I mean, I didn’t really destruct property. I just smeared some grease,” he informed her that there was no necessity for her to confess, to which McNamara responded, “Oh.” Her parents heard from the judge that any arraignment would have to wait until there was a mental evaluation. McNamara will appear in court Feb. 9; until then she will be in the custody of her parents.

Wareham commented, “There’s a lot of unrest regarding law enforcement, and I don’t know if [this] is related or not. There’s probably a lot more productive ways to voice her displeasure with police.”

In 2011, Eurie Stamps Sr. was killed in his home when a Framingham police officer who was part of a SWAT Team lost balance and fell, shooting the 68-year-0ld black man. The raid was not aimed at Stamps, who was prone on the ground with his hands over his head when he was shot. Stamps’ family sued the police officer; the case is still pending.


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