Piers Morgan to De Blasio: The Cops Hate You Because You’re Right


Piers Morgan writes at the Daily Mail:

Dear Bill,

How’s it going?

Not great, right?

Everyone in New York currently seems to hate you. The cops hate you, most of the media hates you, the driver who picked me up at JFK airport last night hates you (‘so weak!), the hotel waiter who brought me my breakfast this morning hates you (‘doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing!), even the bloke cleaning the street on Madison at 6am hates you (‘he should just resign!)

Your political opponents, obviously, hate you. But so do a worrying number of your own side.

Now, I’m used to hearing moans from New Yorkers about the city’s mayors.

I remember Mike Bloomberg clearing a massive snow blizzard as 2011 arrived in such speed that it was like it had never happened within 36 hours.

In England, where a single snowflake has been known to paralyze the entire rail network for a month, Bloomberg would have been knighted for services to efficient weather management.

In New York, he was furiously lambasted by media and public alike – for taking so long.

But this level of moaning about you is on a whole different league, even by New Yorker standards.

The NYPD is in open revolt; many refusing to do even basic police work on the streets, others gleefully disrespecting you at public events, even funerals, by turning their backs when you speak.

And you know why? Because you were RIGHT.

And sometimes, being right is the hardest thing in politics.

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