Radical Imam all but Condones Paris Terrorist Attack


Sean Hannity had radical UK Imam Anjem Choudary on his show to discuss the Imam’s recent and controversial tweets regarding the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris.

The Imam all but said he supported the actions of the terrorists, because France has been oppressing Muslims by not letting them build new mosques as well as killing them in Syria and Iraq.

We’re talking about a French government who have banned the burka, they refuse Muslims to build mosques now in Paris. They are engaged in an occupation of Muslim land and even killing Muslims now in Syria and Iraq. And on top of that, they allow people to insult the prophet.

The Muslims being killing in Syria and Iraq are Islamic State terrorists.

Choudary then said that Western countries need to respect and adhere to the Islamic law that radical Islamists are bound to, adding that the actions of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo is an offense punishable by death. He told Hannity, “You need to understand that in Islam, this carries capital punishment.”


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