2016: Gov. Chris Christie Calls For ‘American Renewal’ As He Considers Run For President


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called for an “American renewal” in his State of the State speech at the New Jersey House of Representatives today, as speculation mounts that he intends to run for president.

Christie’s state-themed speech took on a national focus as he spoke about the future of America.

“We need a New Jersey renewal and an American renewal,” he said, calling for political leaders to renew the spirit of hope and optimism in the nation.

Christie promoted himself a bipartisan reformer in New Jersey, taking shots at the partisanship and gridlock in Washington.

“During this time of uncertainty, it seems the leaders in Washington would rather stoke division for their own political gain,” he said. “And this culture of divisiveness and distrust seeped into our communities and into our neighborhoods.”

During his speech, Christie lightly acknowledged that the had been traveling the nation lately and promised to “be here in one year” without addressing his plans beyond 2016.

Christie also proudly stated his record on tax reform, earning a standing ovation from many of his Republican colleagues after he vowed to veto any further income taxes. He also touted other proposals favored by Republicans such as school choice and shrinking the size of government.

But he spent the most time jumping off-script to highlight the government reforms he spearheaded in New Jersey for people suffering from drug addiction.

“This is how good government is supposed to work,” he said about his efforts to simplify and streamline the system.

“Every life is an individual gift from God no matter what condition we find it in,” he said. “No life is disposable at any stage of life.”


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