Ingraham: GOP Establishment Now ‘Firmly Entrenched’

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham argued that the Republican establishment is now “firmly entrenched” and that the GOP winning control of Congress may be “one of the worst developments for conservatism in a long time” on Friday.

“That [the Cromnibus] was the tell tale sign that maybe, in a perverse sort of way, Republicans taking control of Congress was going to be one of the worst developments for conservatism in a long time. See conservatism has actually thrived while they were in the wilderness. Conservatives have had huge influence over the GOP establishment. In the House, they that stopped amnesty from going through last year, and the year before—conservatives. But now with the GOP establishment firmly entrenched, now, they’re  spitting into the wind here. Because they [the GOP establishment] have it locked down. [They’ve] got the committees locked down. They’ve got their freshmen they’ve already put in line” she stated.

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