Scott Walker Unimpressed with Mitt Romney

AP Photo/Morry Gash
AP Photo/Morry Gash

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker thinks the Republican Party “and country need fresh, new ideas” and is reportedly set to say so when addressing a gathering in California Thursday night.

Walker also sounded less than impressed with another Romney run for the GOP nomination, saying, “it’s pretty hard to make an argument” for Romney in 2016.

“Well, I think Mitt’s a good man, and I think he would have been a good president, but I think — particularly when you look at where things shape up in two years — I think it’s pretty hard to make an argument about going forward, you know, when you’re arguing about people and ideas from the past,” Walker said. “And so, I think the best way to counter what’s likely to be a nominee in that of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is to have a fresh face with new ideas to move the party and ultimately the country forward.”

Walker is slated to speak at a Republican National Committee event tonight in California and also the Iowa Freedom Summit on Jan. 24. He has other events scheduled, as well.

Walker is also scheduled to speak at an event in Washington DC hosted by the American Action Forum on Jan. 30.

When asked about Thursday’s RNC event, “Walker said, “We’re going to talk about the fact that I think the party and the country need fresh, new ideas, and they need to have people who are not just talking about it but actually have a record of accomplishing common sense, conservative ideals that are not only good for the party but ultimately good for moving this country forward.”


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