Maher Criticizes Obama For Lecturing India On Women’s Rights, Not Saudi Arabia

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher criticized President Obama for lecturing India on their women’s rights record while ignoring human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia on Friday.

“President Obama had a busy week overseas. He was in India and gave a speech over there urging them to be more progressive about women’s rights, and then he went to Saudi Arabia where they keep women in beekeeper suits and didn’t say a word. Oh, oil, is there anything you can’t do?” he stated.

He did offer praise for Michelle Obama, saying “Michelle Obama, oh, I love her, man. She went over there and she did not wear the head scarf, did not cover her head. You go, girl.”

Maher concluded, “well, let’s be respectful to other cultures, please. In Saudi Arabia, it is considered indecent for a woman to show her uncovered head, unless it’s separated from her body, then it’s perfectly fine.”

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