The ‘Cool Kids’ Candidate: Elizabeth Warren

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The progressive revolution won’t be televised. But you can dance to it, if you can get invited to a party in the right Chinatown loft.

Celebs and sorta-celebs always know what’s best for the 99 percent, so they gathered recently to discuss how they can ram Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren down your throat. Just don’t ask them to share what they’re nibbling on: “charred broccoli with roasted eggplant and a meatless ‘Superiority Burger,’” as Vanity Fair magazine puts it.

“Superiority” being the operative word.

About 150 “cultural tastemakers are lending their talents, their connections, or even just their names in hopes of making enough noise to convince Warren that she should take on Hillary Clinton, nominee presumptive, in the Democratic primary,” Vanity Fair reports. They recently huddled in that center of progressive populism, “the capacious Chinatown loft of filmmakers Julie Pacino (daughter of Al) and Jennifer DeLia.”

The story includes an exclusive video from actor Mark Ruffalo. Well, not that exclusive; it was set to be shown at this “Artists for Warren” party, but got dropped because of technical errors. Anyway, “If she primaries and doesn’t win the primary, she will at least push the conversation more toward the progressive values that we all share,” Ruffalo explained.

Indeed. And nobody understands progressivism like Mark Ruffalo.  He’s experienced it firsthand.

Before filing this video from London, where he’s shooting a movie, Ruffalo once played a contractor in a movie about a lesbian couple. And he’s played the Hulk. Nobody understands middle America like Ruffalo.

Vanity Fair isn’t alone in stumping for an Elizabeth Warren candidacy. The magazine notes that The New York Times and David Frum of The Atlantic have also published popular pieces about the populist. It’s a groundswell!

There’s no question that watching Sen. Warren and former Sen. Clinton fight it out for the progressive heavyweight belt would be fun for those on the right. But what do celebs such as Edward Norton, Susan Sarandon, Natasha Lyonne, Olivia Wilde and Kim Gordon stand to gain if Warren runs?

“There is a constituency on the Democratic left that has never forgiven the Clintons for welfare reform,” Rutgers political-science professor Ross Baker explained to Vanity Fair. Welfare reform. An issue Hollywood’s elite are experts on.

Pass the popcorn — or, if you prefer, roasted eggplant. This could be fun.


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