Jindal: Obama Has ‘Disqualified Himself as Commander-in-Chief’

Monday after the National Governors Association closing news conference, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) said President Barack Obama “has disqualified himself” as commander-in-chief.

Answering a question about Rudy Giuliani’s controversial comments about Obama not loving America, Jindal said, “I think the mayor should have used different words to express what he wanted to say. I didn’t want to throw him under the bus. I know the media loves to see Republican attack other Republicans. The president loves America. He loves our country and there’s no doubt about that.”

He continued “Further, I think the substance, the point the mayor was trying to make is an important one. There are many of us that are very concerned about the president’s unwillingness to call a radical Islamic terrorism and the threat that we face. I wrote an op-ed today I think the president has really disqualified himself to be our commander-in-chief because he will not, not only identify this threat but take the steps necessary to defeat this threat.”

Jindal concluded by saying, “The essential point was that it would be better for the president—not to warn us about the threats  of medieval Christianity—and necessary always to point out those kinds of things, rather than actually identifying the threats we face. I think the mayor can speak for himself, but again I wouldn’t have used those words. I think the president loves our country. But the point was right There are many of us concerned about this president’s unwillingness to identify and take on directly the threat of Islamic radical terrorism.”

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