Lanny Davis Previews the Three ‘Facts’ of Clinton Email Defense

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company,” long time Clinton friend and defender Lanny Davis laid out what he believes are the essential three facts that Hillary Clinton will use today to defend her use, as secretary of state, of a private email account on a server still at her residence.

“I tried to just do facts, they can decide whether it is a good defense or a bad defense. Let me try that with you,” Davis said. “She did nothing illegal. She did not violate the regulations in ’09. The records are preserved. She did not violate anything by having a private e-mail.”

“Fact two: All of it is accessible to the State Department. She has turned them over at their  request, the ones that are official business. And if they don’t believe she turned them all over they may ask her to review more. It is up to them to do that. She has openly said publish all of them,” he added.

He concluded, “Fact three, they are secure. Anyone who thinks that the State Department server is more secure than her server should remember Wiki leaks and Edward Snowden,”

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