SCLC President Suspended, Sent to ‘Training’ for Pointing Blacks to Second Amendment

Fox 5 Atlanta
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On April 1, Georgia Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) President Sam Mosteller was relieved of his position, pending an “internal investigation” and completion of an “internal training program.” This follows, as Breitbart News reported, his advice to blacks to “exercise their Second Amendment rights,” stating that the Second Amendment was something every “family [should] avail themselves of.”

In other words, Mosteller has to be re-educated.

Mosteller indicated that his motivation for doing so was his weariness with waiting for others to step up and protect the black community.

According to 11 Alive Atlanta, the national SCLC released the following statement:

The Southern Christian Leadership Conference was founded and maintains it’s [sic] position against violence of ANY type. We are founded on the bedrock of nonviolence and we encourage those principles as we seek social justice and social change in American society and around the world.

Although our organization does concur that the justice system in America has too often failed communities of color, particularly black youth, in reviewing the comments made by the Rev. Mosteller on Wednesday, March 31, we have found that his comments do not represent, nor reflect the principles and position of this organization.

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